Understanding Mental Health in Muslim Communities

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About the course

This free, online, course aims to improve understandings of experiences of mental health problems in Muslim communities. The course is accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists as mental health training for the public. 
  • Investigate how faith affects access to mental health services
  • Discover how understanding mental health can benefit the Muslim community
  • Explore a spiritual understanding of Muslim mental health
Guided by the experts at Cardiff University, you’ll understand the distinct ways in which Muslim communities are affected by mental health problems and will gain a variety of skills to provide more effective access and care.
This course is for anyone who provides mental health support in Muslim communities. It is also suitable for anyone who wants to know more about Islam, Muslims, and mental health care practice.
Weekly Breakdown
Week 1:  Introduction to the course and Muslim Worldview
Week 2:  Muslim Experiences of Mental Health
Week 3:  Common Mental Health Problems Among Muslims
Week 4:  What is ‘recovery’, and who can help
By the end of the course, you will be able to
Identify some of the distinctive ways in which Muslims may experience mental health problems
Develop an understanding of why experiences of mental health problems can vary between different groups of Muslims
Explore the impacts of Islamic beliefs and practices on mental health
Evaluate the inclusion of spiritual or religious factors in existing holistic frameworks for understanding mental health problems when working with
Muslim individuals and communities
Reflect upon how mainstream health and social care practitioners might create conditions or environments where Muslims can feel comfortable talking about faith in a mental health context
Reflect upon how Muslim practitioners might create conditions or environments where Muslims can feel comfortable talking about mental health problems in a faith context
How you will learn
This asynchronous course is designed to be completed over four weeks, with five hours of learning per week. Weekly learning is self-assessed in an online quiz. On every step of the course you can meet other learners, share your ideas, and join in with discussions in the comments.
Access to the free course is limited to four weeks. You will receive a certificate of completion if you select one of two upgrade options. An additional benefit of ‘purchasing’ the course (£42) is that you will have unlimited access to course materials.
The Royal College of Psychiatrists accredits training courses across a range of providers that deliver mental health training to the public. This accreditation quality mark is a seal of approval for mental healthcare training and demonstrates the providers commitment to best practice by ensuring that the training is delivered to a high standard. In order to be accredited, all courses undergo a comprehensive review to ensure that all aspects of the training meet the College’s accreditation criteria and quality requirements. Following this review, it has been confirmed that the 'Understanding Mental Health in Muslim Communities' training course meets the requirements of the Royal College of Psychiatrists course accreditation.

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