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One-Day Virtual Ultrasound Imaging in Reproductive Medicine

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Basic and advanced ultrasound in reproductive medicine delivered by pioneers and experts in Fertility.
  • Uterus and Endometrium
Basic ultrasound physics and imaging modes; 2D, 3D and Doppler.
Transvaginal ultrasound, basic 2D scanning techniques and application of advanced technology 3D and Doppler.
Imaging of the uterus in health and disease. 3D for classification of fibroids and Mullerian abnormalities. Diagnosis and significance of Adenomyosis.
Imaging of the endometrial morphology and blood flow throughout the menstrual cycle. Importance of 3D imaging of the junctional zone Doppler studies of endometrial receptivity. Diagnosis and significance of endometrial polyps. Diagnosis of Caesarean section scar dehiscence. Significance and treatment of endometrial fluid.
  • Ovary and ovulation
Ovarian physiological changes using 2D and Doppler during menstrual cycle including ovulation. Measurement of multiple follicles; SonoAVC. Diagnosis of PCOS by AMH and AFC.
Prediction of ovarian reserve, antral follicle count (AFC) and stromal flow. Association of low stromal flow and AFC with age.
Perifollicular flow in predicting oocyte maturity and timing of trigger injection. 3D of follicular wall; functional and dysfunctional follicles.
Prediction and management of OHSS High stromal flow in PCOS and use in the prediction of OHSS.
  • Adnexal cysts and operative procedures
Ovarian tumours during reproductive years. Diagnostic and management criteria. When to operate. Other adnexal cystic structures e.g. peritoneal pseudocysts and hydrosalpinges.
MRI vs Ultrasound in different clinical situations. Comparison of TV ultrasound with hysteroscopy to exclude endometrial pathology – competitors or complementary?
Overview of advanced ultrasound techniques - do they really make a difference?
  • Ultrasound-guided procedures
Saline Sonography
Ultrasound-guided trans-vaginal Oocyte collection
Ultrasound-guided trans-abdominal Oocyte collection
under/Medical Director CREATE Fertility and abc IVF UK; Vice Chair, British Red Cross; Co-Founder, Ginsburg Women's Health Board: Lead Consultant in Reproductive Medicine, St George's Hospital NHS Trust, London

Professor Campbell
Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr Adrija Datta
Lead IVF Consultant - CREATE Fertility

Dr Fotodotis Malamas
Consultant in IVF and Reproductive Medicine at CREATE Fertility/ Lead Consultant at abc ivf. PhD, MRCOG

Dr Tamer Nafee
MD PhD FRCOG EFRM - IVF Lead Consultant

Dr Jayaprakasan Kanna
Lead Fertility Consultant Derby UK

Dr Archana Ranganathan
Co-Lead IVF Consultant - CREATE Fertility

Dr Abhijit Kulkarni
Co-Lead & Consultant at CREATE Fertility

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