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About the course

Shona Sharma, MSc, and Dr Vijay Sharma BScHons MBChB PhD FRCPath FRSB 

About the course:    Never Give Your Power Away Again.
This is a skills-based course, offering Women in Medicine the opportunity to gain and increase a Rock-Solid sense of self.    
This 90-day course will increase your ability to collaborate, negotiate, work with and influence the people you deal with on a day-to-day basis in a way that is win-win-win.
Yes – even with that person. 
The skills you will learn and practice in this course immunise you against the invisible power dynamics that occur in the modern workplace that have you give your power away.
This skills-based course will help you make the best decisions for you by helping you gain crystal clarity, be able to create support, from the people you want it most, and increase your natural leadership abilities.
Imagine how different your career and life might look if you were able to maintain your power and personal authority in every conversation and situation.  

  • No more freezing when you want to speak up
  • No more missed opportunities
  • No more suffering in silence
  • No more “giving in” under duress in high stakes situations
  • How to gracefully and easily deal with conflict, no matter what is thrown at you
  • How to feel seen and heard without necessarily raising your voice
  • How to increase and build buy in and collaboration from the decision makers around you
  • How to express yourself and ask for what you want and need without the fear hearing “no”
  • How to ask for what you want and get support – even when you don’t know what you need  

And more…
On completion of this skills-based course you will know exactly how to navigate power dynamics and become resistant to the unwanted effects of them.  
This course includes and covers topics of influence, power, persuasion, work-life balance, relationship skills, and clear, compassionate communication skills.
*Please be advised that this is a skills-based course, and in order for you to feel fully trained to handle difficult scenarios, some forms of coercion will need to be replicated in our Training Scenarios so you complete the course with almost real-world experience – ready to implement what you learned in your life and career.
Shona Sharma, MSc is a trained therapist with a Masters in Psychology, and a Professional Business, Life, Relationship and Power Coach.
Dr Vijay Sharma is the Clinical Director of Cellular Pathology, a Consultant Histopathologist, Honorary Senior Lecturer and Pathology Lead for the MBChB course in Liverpool.  He is a multiple award-winning cancer researcher and clinical teacher
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Live Online Class Schedule:
Start Date:  22nd April
End Date:   21st July 2023
Online Class Dates:  22nd April 2023; 13th May 2023; 3rd June 2023;  24th June 2023; 15th July 2023

Online Classes delivered by Zoom. 
All Classes will be recorded and students will have Lifetime access to all class recordings.   Students who can’t attend live will have the ability to watch the replays at their leisure.   Lifetime access to recordings and class material provided to all students.
 Skills Based Training Labs provided throughout the course.
These skills-based training labs are provided in addition to all live classes and are an ideal opportunity to practice all the exercises introduced during weekend classes.  Learn new habits and ways of being to reinforce the skills you learn in an embodied way. 
Each Training Lab will be based around 1 Skill you learned in class so you can practice and repeat in multiple time zones that will be provided over the course of the 90 days.
Even if you don’t enjoy group work, you will still benefit because you will receive all support materials so you can replicate the training experience in your own environment, or do them with a trusted friend.
Each Live Class will start at 1pm GMT/BST (UK) // 8AM EST (New York)
It is estimated that each class will last up to 6 hours including breaks to complete class related assignments.
We recommend you reserve the entire day for this work.
Class recordings will be provided for those who cannot attend live. 
Tuition: Special offer of £3000 if paid in full or £3497 if paid in instalments, reduced from £5000.


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