Patient Safety

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About the course

Gain the leadership skills required to work at the forefront of patient safety on this Master's course.

Guided by experts from academia, healthcare and industry, the programme examines how innovations can address the global challenges involved with delivering high-quality care.

You'll explore how health systems and policies relate to safety, and consider the social impact of harm and systems-based approaches to service improvement.

You'll also consider the implications of interdisciplinary working in low-resource settings, and how innovations play a major role in the response to global crises such as international pandemics.

An extensive research project provides an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the practices that influence patient safety.

Delivered fully online, you'll be taught through a mixture of innovative group-working exercises and live teaching sessions led by world-leading academics.

This programme is aligned with the updated World Health Organisation Patient Safety Curriculum, and is suitable for healthcare professionals, managers, policymakers and industry representatives looking to build expertise in patient safety.

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