Double Your Productivity for Healthcare Professionals

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Double Your Productivity in 90 Days or Less without working longer or harder
Here’s a Summary of Your 90 Day Training Program
What you Get In this comprehensive 90-day training program: 
This program gives you the strategies, mindsets, skills, tools and techniques you need to Double Your Productivity.  By learning and implementing what we teach you, you will effectively get back 50% of your time.  In other words, you will be twice as more productive and effective and get twice as much done in the same amount of time… without working longer, harder, or needing extra resources.  Even if you are already a strong leader who is disciplined at work. 
It doesn’t matter what the context is of your workload, your trust, or your workplace, when you take action and implement the knowledge and skills you will learn in Double Your Productivity for Healthcare Professionals, by the end of 2023 you’ll discover you have a new sense of control over your workload, a new sense of work-life balance, and you’ll notice that you’ve greatly reduced any feelings of overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and increased your sense of resilience, even in the demanding work environment you’ve found yourself in. 
Even more importantly, you’ll find you have more time for things that are important to you.
12 Weeks of Video Training
Double Your Productivity for Healthcare Professionals will help you implement two critical habits that will completely upgrade the way you work.  
Each week you will receive a brand new training video that is short, quick and easy to digest so you can easily and quickly implement these cutting edge strategies for increasing your productivity.   
Part 1: Laying The Foundations of Your New Productivity System
First, you’ll be introduced to an overview and a summary of the all major principles of productivity and key concepts you will be implementing in the next 90 days. 
These videos are short, quick, easy to follow and digest, and will get you some Quick Wins in the first week! You should already start seeing results after taking action and implementing the exercise from the first video. 
Discover how to declutter your mind, eliminate energy-draining distractions, close “open loops” in your professional life, and escape the perpetual "Grey Zone" that often plagues healthcare professionals.
Part 2: Playing the Game of Personal Productivity 
In the first few weeks, you'll learn how to create your own Personal Productivity Success Ritual, and tweak it, iterate, refine it so you get maximum leverage on the productivity tasks you perform, feeling more effective in less time. 
You’ll also be armed and equipped with techniques to calm and soothe any sense of inner stress you may feel, whilst also simultaneously releasing anything getting in your way of creating the productive career and work environment you want. 
Finally, you'll have built the foundation needed to strengthen your focus and resilience, essential qualities for healthcare professionals to prevent overwhelm and stress.
Part 3: Playing the Game of Interpersonal Productivity 
In Part 3, you will learn and implement the Single Hour Productivity Solution designed to help you accomplish more in a single hour than most people achieve in an entire day. 
You’ll also discover and prioritize your most valuable outcomes so you can get back a sense of control over your time by leveraging the time you do invest in tasks. 
Identify your most valuable tasks and establish a daily habit of addressing and completing them, all while managing limited resources and increasing demands
You’ll then create a New Habit of Getting your most important work done daily. 
You’ll receive strategies to break free from the energy-draining "In Between Zone" and harness the power of the Productivity Pyramid to elevate your professional life without compromising your well-being.
Part 4: Playing the Game of Next Level Sustainable Productivity
You will learn how to avoid the pitfalls of overwhelm, overworking, and you will learn how to effectively address any obstacles or challenges that you may face when increasing your productivity. 
You will learn how to embrace and implement the mind model of “inevitability thinking” and use it to your advantage – so that you practically guarantee that you will reach your chosen productivity goals. 
Last but not least, you will discover and learn how to Create “The Next Best Version of You Now”, and then you will learn how to free up More of your Time, Attention and Focus so you can do more of what you love. 
OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU: Our promise is that you will double your productivity within 90 days or less, setting you on a path to become a more effective and fulfilled healthcare professional when you implement all the tools, techniques and strategies you will learn in this course. 
Because we want to help you finish 2023 strong, with real results to show, and so that you can start 2024 with a brand new productivity system already installed, we are offering you a BONUS of Live Weekly Coaching Calls with our Productivity Experts, Dr. Vijay Sharma, BScHons MBChB PhD FRCPath FRSB MAcadMEd (Clinical Lead) and Shona Sharma, MSc (one of the World’s Leading Executive Coaches for Professional Performance.)
Meet Your Coaches
Dr. Vijay Sharma BScHons MBChB PhD FRCPath FRSB MAcadMEd is the Clinical Director of Cellular Pathology in Liverpool, an NHS consultant histopathologist, an Honorary Senior Lecturer and MBChB course lead in the University of Liverpool. He is an award winning teacher and researcher.
Shona Sharma MSc is one of the world’s leading executive coaches for professional performance.
Here’s what to do next
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Value of Double Your Productivity Course    £997
Value of Weekly Live Expert Productivity Coaching £6,000
Total Value of this Live Progam: £6997
Get Started Today for a Special Limited Offer of only      £597
COURSE START DATE: Monday 16th October 2023

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