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How to interpret the ECG of athletes and young adults – 27-28 June 2024 (face to face OR online)

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Cardiology Conference 2024 - ECG/Cardiac Imaging -  27-28 June 2024 (Face-to-face or online) From£60

The two-day conference will focus on ECG Interpretation (Day 1) and Cardiac Imaging (Day 2). The Course Leads have created a programme that will allow delegates to explore these two key areas in depth. The content will focus on the ECG interpretation in young individuals and in athletes, as well as Cardiac Imaging in Cardiomyopathies and Athlete's heart, delivered by experts in the field of cardiac imaging, cardiomyopathies and sports cardiology. You are welcome to attend either one of the days or the two-day event. 

After the conference, delegates will be provided with a certificate of attendance and CPD will be sought from the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (RCP) of the United Kingdom. 

For booking, please click here: www.sgul.ac.uk/cardio-conference

Day 1 details: How to interpret the ECG of athletes and young adults - Hybrid (sgul.ac.uk)
Day 2 details: Cardiac Imaging course (sgul.ac.uk)


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