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MRCPCH Part 2: Applied Knowledge In Practice Exam Revision

Prepare for the MRCPCH Part 2 exam using our quality revision questions written by a team of experienced paediatric authors who understand what is required for you to pass this challenging exam.  Our resource is mapped to the current Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health curriculum which ensures questions closely resemble what you will face in the actual exam. . 

The MRCPCH 2 exam consists of two papers each containing a mixture of questions known as Case Histories, Data Interpretation, and Photographic Material, our resource has been development to fully reflect this question mix. We offer over 940 quality questions which cover all topics in the curriculum and also contain popular themes from previous exam sittings. 

To test your exam aptitiuide you can sit a Mock Test which contains the correct topic spread for the exam. Our New Mock Test 2015 also contains question themes similar to what candidates faced in the January 2015 exam sitting. 

We offer a range of unique learning tools which will improve your knowledge, identify your weak areas and allow you to focus on them, maximising your potential to achieve exam success.

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