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MRCPsych Paper A (ii) Exam Revision Resource

Our resource has been created to give you the closest revision experience possible to your MRCPsych Paper A (ii) exam. 

All of our questions are written at the correct level of difficulty, are of the correct format, cover all relevant topics and are mapped to your MRCPsych Paper A (ii) curriculum.

This collection of multiple choice questions focus on the core curriculum areas you need to know and will be tested on. Our revision resource offers over 290 'best answer' MCQs and over 320 Extended Matching Item (EMI) stems.

Royal College of Psychiatry Exam Changes From 2015 the number of MRCPsych Written papers will reduce from three to two. The new papers will be launched in April 2015. For a transitional period Paper A will be split into two sections A (i) and A (ii) and will be held on the same day. Paper A (i) will cover sections 1, 2 and 5 of the syllabus (100 questions, 1.5 hour exam) and Paper A (ii) will cover sections 3 and 4 of the syllabus (100 questions, 1.5 hour exam).

BMJ OnExamination’s continuous editorial review process means that only the highest quality of questions are included in your revision resource.

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