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MRCOG Part 2 Written Exam Revision

The MRCOG Part 2 exam is one of the most difficult of postgraduate exams and typically has a very low pass rate.

Give yourself the best chance of passing this exam by revising with our bank of quality questions written by expert Obstetricians and Gynecologists who understand what is required for you to perform well in this exam. 

Our MRCOG Part 2 resource closely reflects what you will face on exam day and offers you a broad range of current questions covering the entire syllabus and based on themes from previous exam sittings.

Spring 2015 MRCOG Part 2 exam sitting From Spring 2015 the written component of the MRCOG Part 2 exam will change from three papers to two papers. Short answer questions (SAQs), currently paper 1, are being removed. Extended matching questions (EMQs) will be expanded. The MCQ component will change into an SBA component.

BMJ OnExamination are in the process of creating new questions for this resource. By subscribing today you will benefit from over 420 curriculum mapped questions and as our resource is populated with new EMQs and SBA format questions these will be included within your subscription. We will be leaving all SAQs and MCQs in this resource for additional learning.

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