Retinopathy of Prematurity

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This seminar, chaired by Mr Ayad Shafiq and Mr CK Patel will focus on anti-vegf injection in ROP. The aim of the day is to present a comprehensive snapshot of current practice. Currently, there is a gap between use of anti-vegf treatment and UK guidelines to support or guide the use of this treatment. The RCOPhth guidelines from 2008 predates the use of this treatment which has growing use worldwide in ROP. The meeting will include the following topics: A talk form the Gill Adams on the BOSU study of ROP treatment in the UK. The anti-vegf research will be summarised. Speakers will go through the indications for use of anti-vegf injections, from screening through treatment methodology to follow-up. Participants will be encouraged to submit data from their own case series throughout the uk, which will be tabulated. The intended outcome of the day is that a summary of current practice and case series data will be collated and published. The organiser's aim is to provide a document that would support and inform those clinicians currently working in this field. The day will begin at 9am and end at 4pm A list of speakers will be finalised at a later date. The last ROP seminar proved extremely popular and the organisers would encourage potential attendees to book early.

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