Systematic Training in Acute Illness Recognition and Treatment for Surgery (START Surgery)

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About the course

START Surgery is an inclusive course designed for foundation doctors and medical students to advance their skills in managing acutely unwell surgical patients. 

You will benefit from a blend of practical workshops, data analysis, interactive lectures and eLearning. START Surgery is suitable for those with very little existing surgical knowledge. The course itself is led by experienced surgeons and involves small group workshops – where you will assess clinical cases, analyse data and role-play simulated clinical scenarios – and short interactive lectures.

You will participate in a variety of practical training sessions during the START Surgery course, including:

  • Introduction to a system of patient assessment to facilitate data collection and planning
  • The pathophysiology and recognition of clinical abnormalities in patients with respiratory, renal, circulatory and septic problems
  • Case-based discussion and analysis of real clinical situations
  • General considerations of the professional responsibilities and roles of the foundation trainee within the surgical team
  • Advice on the mindset and skills needed to be a strong foundation trainee and for a future career in surgery 

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance, which helps to demonstrate your commitment to, and interest in, a career in surgery.

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