Intelligent Kindness: Dismantling Barriers to Collaborative Working

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About the course

Based on the publication Intelligent Kindness: Reforming the Culture of Healthcare (John Ballatt and Penelope Campling 2011)
…..Kindness lies at the heart of the therapeutic alliance – the essential basis of effective healthcare, mobilizing patients’ inner resources in their recovery from illness. But being kind carries risk – maybe getting things wrong or getting hurt in the process. It also takes courage, to overcome self-interest, anxiety and conflict. Kindness takes a certain intelligence to be useful and wise. It is both natural and necessary for effective healthcare and yet, as the authors go on to explain, there are many reasons why it has been marginalized and corrupted in the 21st century NHS”.
(Dr Margaret Hannah, Deputy Director of Public Health, NHS Fife 2014)

Learning Objectives

  1. To develop professional performance through an increased familiarity with relational approaches to clinical work.
  2. To apply professional knowledge and experience to develop therapeutic clinical relationships
  3. To develop the capacity to work collaboratively with colleagues to improve and maintain patient care
  4. To develop improved therapeutic alliances through relational work with patients

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