Frimley Ultrasound & Medical Training

POCUS Frimley provides training in Point of Care Ultrasound for clinicians who aim at learning how to imaging with ultrasound at the bed side, a skill considered essential in today medical practice.

​The formula adopted privileges the practical and directly supervised scanning on models and patients and the active interactions between learners and faculty rather than formal lessons.

​The faculties are made up by clinicians expert in POCUS coming from different specialties, Acute Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care and General Surgery. 

We strongly believe that a course not followed by practice and supervision can be a waste of time and money, therefore we offer  post-course mentorship on request.

We are accredited to deliver Core Emergency Medicine Ultrasound, FICE (Focused Intensive Care Echo) and FAMUS (Focused Acute Medicine Ultrasound) courses.  

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