Pippa Smart
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PSP Consulting

Offering advice and consultancy services to the publishing and editorial community

Pippa Smart is a research communication and publishing consultant, working for her own company, PSP Consulting. She has worked in academic and research publishing for almost 25 years for range of publishers, and in over 25 countries.

She provides a variety of consultancy services to publishers and editorial groups, including: advising publishers on the development of their publishing programmes, contract negotiation, developing and running training programmes independently and in conjunction with other organisations (mostly on editorial skills, journal business development and copyright), providing industry updates to companies and groups. Pippa Smart also writes a monthly newsletter on the publishing industry for the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) which is read by over 1000 publishers around the world. she is also the Editor-in-Chief of Learned Publishing and is a non-Executive Director of Practical Action Publishing.

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Science Editors' Handbook, 2nd Edition

Pippa Smart edited this book with Herve Maisonneuve and Arjan Polderman, published in September 2013. It comprises 56 chapters on different aspects of scholarly editing and publishing, and is available from the European Association of Science Editors (EASE).

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